Marketing Strategies at the Next Level

What do you get when you combine artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, data science, and thousands of marketing strategies and workshops? One powerful Robotic Marketer.

Robotic Marketer is redefining how businesses build comprehensive marketing strategies.

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Faster. Easier. Better.

Designed to produce data-fueled strategies in a matter of minutes, Robotic Marketer dives deep into each individual area of a business’ marketing, pulling data at a better rate than any human possibly could.

It’s not meant to replace marketers, but give them more tools under their marketing tool belt. Simply put, it is the future of marketing strategies.

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Artificial Intelligence is the basis in which the robot will be able to communicate, gather information, turn data into real strategic marketing outcomes, decipher where a marketing budget is best spent, search keywords and their relevancy to your marketing strategy, and provide the final, powerful, results-driven marketing strategy in minutes.

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Big Data

Robotic Marketer digs deeper, behind the algorithms of Google, for a more in-depth analysis and results-based marketing outcome. With so much data on the Internet on your customers, competitors, influencers and industry, it is imperative that you dig deep and find relevant information on all the marketing activations that will help you grow your business.

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Machine Learning

Thousands of marketing strategies and workshops have ‘fed’ this robot - meaning that it has some serious knowledge. Machine learning is imperative to the robot gaining enough knowledge to build upon seamlessly integrate with use other applications like AI, big data and scraping to formulate the ultimate, powerful marketing strategy.

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Data Crawling

Finding out in one click exactly what your competitors are doing from a digital perspective, who your prospects are and how to find them. Know what keywords work, and what key phrases are getting the attention of customers and prospects. Knowledge is key to ensuring you stand out from the crowd and through Robotic Marketer you can do just that!

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The Workshop

The comprehensive marketing workshop comes complete with a robot-driven facilitation, including AI-based Q & A, delivered to text. Bring your entire team in no matter where they are located, or do this in your own time, in stages that fit your schedule.

The Results

This comprehensive 30-40 page plus marketing strategy is the ultimate blueprint for your company to be successful. From addressing company and marketing objectives through to delivering on marketing goals with tactical marketing activation and recommendations, this marketing strategy will be the best you have ever seen. You will know your competitors better than ever before and be able to ensure that your brand stands out from the crowded market place.

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How to get better results from your marketing

There has never been a better time to get your business to the next level. While many companies still spend weeks or months putting together their yearly marketing strategies, you can do this in a matter of minutes. Not only will you have the blueprint to promote your brand in the market, you will have all the key recommendations on what marketing activities your company needs to do to achieve your desired results.

From keyword and competitor reports to SEO audits and brand positioning analyses, Robotic Marketer strategies enhances decision-making through higher quality of insight. It eliminates the tedious, manual data collection and the potential for user input error, translating to superior marketing data unseen in today’s marketing world.

Get in early by taking advantage of Robotic Marketer’s special offer which includes a workshop and 30 to 40 page marketing strategy for just $2,950.

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Internal Knowledge + Marketing Experience + Data Insights = The Ultimate Marketing Strategy

The Robotic Marketer Platform brings them all together, giving businesses powerful marketing strategies for a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional agency.