About Us

Welcome to Viaeva Consulting


Who Are We

Viaeva is a forward thinking, fast-paced marketing agency that has an innate ability to listen to a client’s needs and read the market, to develop marketing strategies that work.

Our Mission & Vision

Viaeva’s mission is to be the best marketing company in Virginia and our vision is in line with this. By constantly improving how we work, our technology, systems and processes, we ARE able to deliver clients with results-based marketing solutions.

What We Do

We are the best marketing strategy consultants in the Hampton Roads area. Without a doubt, our use of technology and extensive experience gives our team an ability to work through a company’s marketing issues, and find real solutions and tactical outcomes.


Founded by an entrepreneur (Gina Davis) and built with entrepreneurs in mind. We believe that if you reach for stars and work hard, you can achieve anything.


Systems, processes and structure ensures that clients have a clear path to marketing success. We know, as we have built our business on it.


With technology, data science and KPI's - Viaeva is focused on our clients success. We work hard on your behalf to ensure that your sales team has the leads they need to convert to sales.

Our Process

Our process has been developed based on our interaction with clients, their needs and how we can best communicate what we are doing, how we are doing it and the results from our marketing campaigns.












Deliver & Report

Why choose us?

We help your business develop powerful, results-oriented marketing strategies and campaigns to deliver on your overall business goals.

From on-boarding your business, every experience you have with Viaeva will exceed your expectations. We plan to ensure that your business grows through choosing Viaeva as your marketing partner. We constantly evolve, innovate, and develop custom technology to work harder, faster, and smarter for our clients.

Expect the best marketing strategy in Hampton Roads – every single time. Viaeva is renowned for developing comprehensive, results-oriented, and brand focused marketing strategies that help businesses achieve their overall business goals. Our experience, along with extensive research and Robotic Marketer, make our strategies powerful.

It’s not one area of marketing that makes our marketing services unique. We have a team of people with the ability to help your business in all areas of marketing, digital and communications.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Viaeva’s team of professionals are risk takers, deal makers, creatives and game changers. They derive from marketing, graphic design, branding, public relations, advertising, web, digital, marketing automation, social media – basically, anything that fits in an outsourced marketing department.